Coaching for Tech & Exec

Purpose, Perspective and Peace Of Mind

At The CTO’s Coach, we have a clearly defined purpose, summarized in 3 P’s:

  • Purpose
  • Perspective
  • Peace of mind

This is the foundation for everything we do. The three P’s are part of our own purpose, to support peace of mind for leaders working with technology.

Our Purpose at The CTO’s Coach

We believe in giving you the deepest and most meaningful purpose possible. That means that you can expect us to not settle with the first answer. We want you to work with a purpose coming from your heart.

Technology is moving ever faster in our global society, and that is putting strain on leaders.

We believe that leaders can thrive in this environment, regardless of the speed of change, by getting clarity about their own purpose, gaining perspective, and training for peace of mind.

Our purpose is to provide the supportive tools and community for each leader to work from their Purpose, gain Perspective, and achieve Peace of mind.

You might notice that we don’t have Passion as a fourth P. That is left out on purpose.

We believe that although your passion can align with your Purpose – and often does – living by your Purpose has a deeper meaning. It can help you through the hard times, and when you lack inspiration or motivation for what you are doing. When the passion is not there, your Purpose can help you through.