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DRIVE Digital: Developer

Are you a developer or engineer working with digital development and IT? 

Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these or similar situations…

  • You are stuck in your career 
  • You know you can improve but can't figure out how
  • You're constantly trying to catch up on work
  • You are highly talented but can't get enough out of your efforts
  • Conflicts are draining you for energy
  • You are about to burn out
  • Your suggestions don't get heard or implemented

If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, why not book a free strategy call? Get a half hour call for free and learn if the DRIVE Digital: Leadership program is for you.

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DRIVE your digital career

With just 5 steps …

The DRIVE coaching program is an exciting journey that strengthens you as a person and professional. Discover the impact of just 5 simple steps over 12 weeks…

Discover your goals and ambitions for what you want to achieve with our work together. We’ll set the bar high – an ambition that requires that you get out of your comfort zone and aim for the best you can be.

Once we’ve discovered your ambition, we’ll take a look at what’s stopping you from achieving that. What assumptions do you make that hinder you from going for what you want? We’ll challenge those limiting beliefs and reimagine what you can be.

Your limiting beliefs keep you stuck in habits and patterns of thinking that are stopping you from reaching your ambition. We will work to integrate new habits to start you on a new path – the one to reaching your goal.

When we work together towards your goal, we continuously check back and verify that you are on the right path. If new challenges come up, we reimagine and integrate them.

As you integrate changes, new challenges come up. We adapt and adjust to keep you on track.
We test new habits to ensure they are well integrated in your life and ensure that you are working towards your objectives.

DRIVE Digital: Developer

Become stronger as a person. Grow your careeer. 5 simple steps…

  • Discover (your goals and ambitions) 
  • Reimagine (get free from limiting beliefs)
  • Integrate (develop new habits and goals)
  • Verify (check that you are on the right path)
  • Evaluate (adapt and adjust)

Calle Hunefalk
– The CTO’s Coach

DRIVE Digital: Developer

The program

The program lasts about 3 months, we meet on 6 occasions for 1.5-2 hours per session.

You will need to spend 2-3 hours a week on this program – and be sure to get your manager's support.

We meet at our location in Vejle, Denmark, or online. Between sessions you will get homework to work on – be prepared to leave your comfort zone and do these exercises to meet the goal you have set for yourself.

Remember: doing what you usually do is what keeps you stuck where you are. Making changes requires changing your habits.

Walking the talk…

Over a 22+ year career, I have had 4 CTO positions, founded several companies and worked as a digital consultant. I have struggled with legacy technologies and systems, broken monoliths into isolated services, hired teams and managed budgets. I have built organizations and worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and people from many nationalities.

For over a decade, I have practiced personal development, learning human psychology and taking certifications as a coach. I know from experience that things can improve by changing your mindset and using specific tools to move forward. So why not let me guide you to improve your life and career?

How to get started

Let's have a strategic call about your development – free of charge. 

Fill out your name and e-mail in the form, and you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to a free strategy call. 

Here is what you can expect from the call:

  • Covering your current situation – where are you now?
  • We'll talk a bit about your ambitions.
  • We'll get into what stops you from moving forward.
  • We'll find some possible solutions for you to move forward.

If you don't feel like taking part in the program after our talk, we'll simply part as friends.

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